Crack out the fresh fruit, flowers and paper umbrella garnishes, because to craft “the big kahuna” of cocktails, you gotta break out the big guns.

An exotic blend of Californian and Polynesian ingredients, Tiki-crazed drinks blend fruit juice, bitters, fruit, and often more than one kind of rum (zing!). The best part is they’re as much about passion as they are about presentation. The key is to dress up your cup ‘til it looks like it’s ready to hit the luau. How?

1. Scour thrift shops for legit ceramic carved mugs, or make your own out of your fave fruit.

2. Go for over-the-top garnishes like flowers, umbrellas or pineapple leaves.


3. Toss in a giant straw or two, and show your love for the tropics with luau swizzle stir sticks.

Ready to try your hand as bartender? Malibu is passing the tiki torch to you, so go coconuts (seriously!)

Pina Colada